Wenge Flooring: Dark and Classy

wenge wood flooring sample

Imagine the modern, sophisticated look your home will take on when you install a wenge floor. This African hardwood is a dark brown with thin veins of black running across it, and it will perfectly complements any room decorated with lighter colored furniture or walls. Because it darkens to a deep chocolate hue over time, wenge flooring will create an elegant contrast in your home and will provide you with a beautiful, durable floor. This wood will last for decades. Here are some of the benefits of a wenge floor:

  • It will complement interiors that are brightly lit or decorated
  • Density provides high shock resistance
  • Extremely durable with a hardness rating of 1630
  • Naturally high resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Trim & molding is available

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